Best Keylogger Software 2019

A smart person never suffices with obvious and apparent information and feels the urge to dig deep before making a perception about something. These days some tools and modern applications are available that help us in digging deep and collecting information that can help us in establishing a clear vision.


Best Keylogger Software 2019


Keylogger software belongs to the genre of those tools that record keystrokes pressed by a user and store the information to be used or analyzed later if the need arises. They can let us record the desired information from someone’s computer as well as provide the support to aid our memory if the need arises. For instance, if you have kept keylogger software running on your computer and you forget a password on some website which you don’t visit frequently – you can simply go to the log file folder and find your password without any trouble.

To make you familiar with the basic function of such software, I’ll say that they record the keystrokes pressed on any form of keypad or keyboard connected to a laptop or computer. In upcoming paragraphs of this article we’ll introduce you to the best keylogger software of year 2018 and tell you about those features and specialties that may prove useful for you in your day to day life.


How to Choose Keylogger Software


There are multiple varieties of keylogging software available over the internet and shops where computer accessories are sold. Although the proprietors of these utilities might claim that there is no match to their software, one should be aware to verify their claims before loading the utilities on your machine. Let’s give you some brief hints to make your search for choosing this type of software easy and error free.


How to Choose Keylogger Software


A keylogger software should be designed according to the modern computing trends; it should be able to record the keystrokes without stopping the process after a certain amount of memory has got occupied by the logs. It should make a clear record of the names of applications and programs opened on a machine because all the keylogging will become less useful if there is no such option. It should also record the URLs visited by the user from a laptop or a computer where it is installed – a limited keylogger will not record those websites which a user will open through a hyperlink or with the help of hotkeys like “Ctrl + Enter”.

The most important aspect of a keylogging software is its ability to work in the hidden mode – a well-designed keylogging software will allow you to run it in the invisible mode without leaving any traces of its operations and activation in the system tray or the “Running Processes” window of the Task Manager. Apart from all these factors the last but not the least is the cost. If a software tool is good but unfortunately it’s out of your buying power than it’s not the right fit for you. If you are in real need of a keylogging software, you have come to the right place as we have got one amazing piece of cake for you which has got all the required features at the best possible price that is zero.


Pros of Best Keylogger Software – Keylogger Free


We have done a great deal of research and tried our best to make Keylogger Free a genie of keylogging. These are some of the amazing pros which will make your experience with the software swift and enjoyable whenever you’ll feel the need to record the keystrokes.


Pros of Best Keylogger Software - Keylogger Free


  • Matchless price of Dollar Zero
  • User-friendly interface
  • Superb hidden mode
  • Ability to record website addresses
  • Ability to record the names of software launched on a machine
  • Grabs little space on the storage




Apart from the clear advantages of Keylogger Free, here are some of its attributes which make it stand tall among rest of its kind.




You can install Keylogger Free and launch it in the invisible mode on any laptop and it will record the keystrokes in the form of log files without prompting the user regarding low storage or any such message which might reveal that it is working on that machine.

It uses the processing cycles so efficiently that it puts almost no load on the processing of other tasks run by the user.

Keylogger Free is free from malware and viruses and it will never put the security of any machine at risk.


How to Log Keystrokes


After installation, double-click the newly formed icon and run the program. Below mentioned interface will appear where you will see that any key pressed on the keyboard is displayed in the “Key Log” panel.


Run Keylogger Free


There are four buttons on the interface and functions of each are briefly described below to give you a head start at using Keylogger Free:


Download Keylogger Free


Hidden mode & Spy

Clicking it will prompt you that invisible monitoring is about to start and also inform you about the default hotkeys that will bring back the software to visible mode.


You can change the Hotkeys here and also modify the logging time for each logfile according to your requirements.


More Settings Available


View Reports

Clicking this button will open the reports in the Notepad file format where all the software and websites opened on the computer will be presented chronologically along with the keystrokes.

Delete Reports

Clicking this button will delete all the recorded log files and a new log file will be formed for further recording.




You can use the Hotkeys for making the Keylogger Free run in hidden mode. These keys can be changed and set as per your desire.






You can use keylogger software to keep yourself informed about the activities of your kids on the computers and help them in shaping a positive attitude towards life. You can also keep a check on your employees during the work hours and get informed whether they are giving proper attention to the assigned work or not. In short, use Keylogger Free positively and it will do wonders for you.

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